Testimony of Isaiah

Testimony of Isaiah 30 March 2022 What a powerful testimony of a young man, finding himself in a broken household where his mom was a drug-addict. His father is a police officer, working long and late shifts. So, whenever his dad came home from work, his mom and dad would argue. His mom would always … Read more

It Is Time To Rev. Up

Acceleration 2022 Series IT’S TIME TO REV. UP – Part I By PG. Njoku The time is now! Yes, it is or should I say: ‘Now is the Time’. Whichever way one choses to say it, what appears paramount is that ‘TIME’ is of the essence hence, whatever needs to be done has to be … Read more

Testimony of Michel

Testimony of Michel 24 March 2022 What a powerful testimony about a young man that was bound to drug-addiction for over 30 years. It all started when he lost his wife and both parents, due to cancer. He doesn’t have any children, so he had no support base. He only had a sister he was … Read more

A Church Near Me

Hello there. Have you ever wondered where is there a church near me that I can attend? Well you have come to the right place. Check out our latest blog on testimonies of lives being changed at Victory Outreach Church of Cape Town. Are you looking for a church near you? Googling the same, wondering … Read more

Acceleration 2022 Series

DIVINE SPEED! By PG Njoku By the leading of the Holy Spirit our founders, Pastor Sonny and Julie Arguinzoni together with our Elders and Leaders, in their wisdom, declared the year 2022 as our year of ‘ACCELERATION’. Ever since this declaration, we have witnessed its wide acceptance and adoption by the Victory Outreach family globally. … Read more

Testimony of Maureen

Testimony of Maureen 09 March 2022 Once again, we have a powerful testimony of a young woman, who got saved at the age of 13. A faithful church goer, trying to balance a normal and Christian life at the same time, at such a young age. However, when she went to high school, things started … Read more

Testimony of Lawrence

Wow, what a powerful testimony from Brother Lawrence. A messed-up young man from Pretoria, bound by gangsterism and drug-addiction for over 20 years. He felt like a good-for-nothing outcast in society. Just as he was about to take his own life as he had enough, he decided to say his last prayer. It’s in this … Read more