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Hello there. Have you ever wondered where is there a church near me that I can attend? Well you have come to the right place. Check out our latest blog on testimonies of lives being changed at Victory Outreach Church of Cape Town.

a church near me

Are you looking for a church near you? Googling the same, wondering where you belong, where God wants to use you and the spiritual gifts and talents He placed within you? Ultimately, wondering what the purpose and destiny He created you for, is? Well, let us tell you about how we each found “a church near me” and what happened next.


At the church near me, I struggled in my first three to six months trying to understand the concept of going to church almost every day of the week. Yet, I think we do this because the leadership understands that the next step to being delivered from one's old habits/lifestyle is to have a renewal of the mind and to take a different approach to life as a whole.

It all starts with the mind-set or the thoughts that used to get a person entangled, and the patterns that got a person to think there wasn’t a way out. I've been in different programmes and I was under the impression that my warped mind-set could not be reset nor could I be delivered from toxic thoughts. But it was all a lie because I found Jesus in a church near me!

When I attended service regularly, I was always informed by the ministers of the gospel that I am a child of the Most High God that sent His son Jesus Christ to die for my sins. I was taught that when yet I was a sinner, Jesus Christ died for me!

I began to look at life from a different horizon, a different point of view. I began to think differently and to talk differently. I started to live knowing that because God is for me none can be against me. I have seeds of greatness inside of me, I'm forgiven, I'm set free, and I was purchased for a price.

At the church near me, a place we call home and a people we call family, we always look at what is best for our growth or what our ‘power spots’ are in terms of gifts and talents, so as to use them for God's honour and glory.

Its breath-taking worship songs, invites God's presence into the sanctuary, the phenomenal preaching keeps you on the edge of your seat and the services are powerful and dynamic.

At the church near me, Victory Outreach, we are always encouraged to go after all that God has in-store for our lives. We are encouraged to seek the perfect will of God for the future so that it will align with why God created us and why for such a time as this. In a generation that’s passing in a blink of an eye, we should get involved with doing something that will keep our minds occupied and also in a ministry that will keep us busy with the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, so that in the future we won't lose track, yet will experience growth within ourselves.


Not too long ago my sister and I arrived in Cape Town from Lesotho. We met a friend who invited us to a church near me. Well I must say I was a bit sceptical at first because I had my own church, but decided to go anyway. It was a beautiful Sunday morning: My sister and I prepared for church, we took a 10-15-minute cab, and when we arrived were warmly welcomed by the church ushers. The Covid-19 protocols were observed, our body temperature was recorded, our hands sanitised and our seats shown us.

Worship was already in progress. I must say I was blown away by the worship team! They sounded so good! The band and singers were on point. I was alarmed at how big the church was, and then the pastor ministered so very well too. He was being real. He preached about not waiting on the side-lines but jumping in. He spoke about grabbing the opportunity and quoted Ephesians 5:15, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as the wise, making the best use of time, because the days are evil.”

The testimonies in church were so amazing. I was really touched by the fact that the church offers a free recovery home for people that are on drugs and restores their lives. Not only that, but the church reaches out to everyone.

There was an altar call and I made my way to the front. I could feel my spirit being at peace as I have been fighting a lot of silent battles. I felt the presence of God in the atmosphere at the church. I knew I had to come back.

As soon as the service was done, our friend took us to the boardroom. We didn’t even know why, but he introduced us to the pastors and told them about our qualifications: Pastors Andre and George. Immediately Pastor Andre was talking about training that he hosts every Tuesday, which we found out would be life-changing if we joined. We were very excited and overwhelmed.

We didn’t even have a place to stay as we were booked at the lodge for some days, but the church gave us a place and we became house sitters. Believe me, all this happened in a week! Shocking, right?

Now we are a part of the Innovate and Create team at this church near me, and this is the class that we attend every Tuesday. We are evangelising online, writing blogs for the church and a couple of other things. I am glad, matter of fact, glad is an understatement, but I see God moving in my life and my sister’s life in ways I have never seen before. I am super glad we found out about Victory Outreach, this church near me!


A good understanding of the truth of the Christian faith was essential for development in my walk with Christ. Interested in the teachings and history of the church, which my brother invited me to, I decided to attend this church near me. Desperate for a change in my lifestyle and spiritual life (although I am from a traditional church background), I found myself caught up in the beauty and glorious setting of the service and minutes later sitting quietly and really enjoying the power of the Holy Ghost. I was truly astonished at the beautiful, indescribable and overwhelming love of God.

What happened next? My experience was so profound that it influenced me to come back and just sit there once more. An awesome and great move of acceleration and amazement took over me so that something profound happened that I did not understand. Being around spiritual seekers who were radical for Christ really encouraged me to visit again and again. The feeling was indescribable. I realised that I was no longer the same person and as I continued this walk of life through the church I then knew that I belong to the body of Christ.

A radical inner transformation took place in my life and I asked myself why? Carrying on with this continuous inner struggle, I could feel that I had a deep longing for change. The inspirational way in which my brother continued to invite me to attend was doing impossible things. I became a regular member and found myself learning and gaining even more experience in the church history and an understanding of Christ. I also got enlightened about the church’s movement and vision. It’s always on the move for Christ, which is what made the Christian faith attractive and inviting to me.

Being a disciple of the men of God who are willing to go beyond measure encouraged me to get more involved in the church than I thought I would be. I found myself not only being discipled but also disciplined in the way of Jesus Christ. Today, I’m serving in the house of God so often that my personal life is growing as well as my spirit. I'm really thankful for all the men who invest in my life and still continue to support me through my journey of faith.

Why should you visit? I'm confident that you will be as convinced as I am about the truth of Victory Outreach – this church near me. It’s a great move of inspiration and encouragement and I realised that our faith provides answers to the deepest questions in our hearts. I would like to thank those exceptional people for their input, courage, willingness and obedience to the call of God and the work of Victory Outreach. I also hope that this will reach many others who will find its contents worthy of consideration.


New to a certain place and you can’t help but wonder, where can I find a church near me? About two weeks ago my sister and I had just moved to Cape Town. We had arrived on a Friday and that very weekend on Sunday we found ourselves in church. How did we find ourselves there, you may ask? The story might sound a little bizarre, but the answer is simple: God led us.

I came to Cape Town with no accommodation, one month’s living allowance, inadequate to carry us through to the next and a mere promising job offer, which I didn’t even get because I was utterly ignored by the employer. My sister had tagged along, so you could say that we came by faith! Quite amazingly, we met with a friend who kindly helped us get situated at an Airbnb while we figured out a plan for the way forward.

Somewhere along the line of our conversations with him, he told us about a church near me and invited us along. We were very sceptical and hesitant about going because we had come from a previous church… nonetheless we agreed. As soon as we stepped in, I could feel the presence of God in that place. The band and choir were impeccable and everything was very well-oriented and of great quality.

In my life, I had gone to so many churches, yet none was like this church near me. Sure it teaches profoundly about the Word of God and the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, just like every other Christian church I’ve been to, yet something peculiar struck me about this one. Not only was is it teaching about the Word of God, but its calling and vision is to reach out to and help drug addicts, gangsters, broken people and their broken homes. This was quite astounding and fascinating to me: A church that brought in drug addicts and that was not only able to get them sober, but also to help them receive their salvation in Christ!

The first Sunday I attended included a sermon by Pastor Drè: He was preaching about opportunity and making use of the time we have. He read Ephesians 5:15, which says, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil”. As a Christian,I could resonate very well with this teaching, having lost that zeal and strong desire to serve God, or even just to go church. I felt renewed and revitalised by the service and was really grateful to God for bringing me into His house. After the service, we were ushered to another room together with other newcomers to the church. My sister and I had the privilege of being welcomed by sister Naomi, who explained about the church and really made it feel like home. Soon thereafter, our friend introduced us to Pastor Heinrich whom we told about the details of our stay in Cape Town. He was very kind and by the grace of God made arrangements with the board to freely let an apartment to us to live in while we get on our feet. We moved in to the apartment on the Wednesday of that very same week. So, not only did we find a home spiritually, but also physically.

Soon after our meeting with Ps Heinrich, our friend also introduced us to Ps Drè who was kind enough to invite us to his Tuesday evening media classes, where we would learn about how to use the internet in order to reach out to masses of people and to exchange creative ideas for our businesses and the church.

So where am I today? I am still with the same church working with my newly God-given family, writing this blog, not just as a testimony of how God worked within a very short period in our lives, but also hoping to reach out to someone else who might be new in Cape Town, or who has been in Cape Town for a while. Someone who just doesn’t know where to go or who may be a gangster or a drug addict, seeking help, wondering, “Where can I find a church near me?”. That church is Victory Outreach.


I had gotten saved through a campus ministry at the age of 18 when I was a first year student and was discipled by a third year student. I was baptised in water and through the power of the Holy Spirit with gifts of speaking in tongues and others. That church was my home for that time, but later I graduated and moved away. Because I was moving around a lot, I attended any churches near me.

After church-hopping for a few years, I thought to myself, “No, I cannot go on like this; I need to know where I belong, where I can use what God has placed within me”. And ridiculous to say, I came upon the realisation that I should probably pray about it. Of course, right?! Well, eager and frustrated to do the will of God, I began preaching on trains and made friends with others doing the same.

One day, a man came up to me and told me that I should attend Victory Outreach and that he was involved in directing the Recovery Home. I have never seen that man again. The name stuck: “VICTORY OUTREACH”. Because I was working, and even though I only listened to CCFM on the radio, I had never heard the Rise Up Radio Segment on Wednesdays at 12h00, wherein ex-drug addicts, gang members and prostitutes of Cape Town would share their testimonies of how their lives had changed through the intervention of Jesus Christ and the work of Victory Outreach.

Nonetheless, one day soon after that train meeting, I was in my car, midweek, midday for some reason and I heard it. They said the church was in Goodwood Mall. Now I had family living in Goodwood for years and regularly visited that part, but had never ever seen or witnessed the existence of Goodwood Mall. In the next week, however, there it was, clear as day, and I wondered how on Earth I had never seen it before. I decided, “This is a triple-sign – this is God”.

I visited faithfully, alone, and wasn’t sure what God wanted me there for. I told Him so, but promised I would keep attending anyway. About the third Sunday, after meeting sister Lauriel (the Ladies Home Director) and sister Liesel (a church administrator) through the Newcomers’ Lounge, it became very clear to me. I told them my story and sister Lauriel said, “I can feel it”, meaning God’s presence, power and orchestration. Within about a month, I was on the Worship Team, and later through that same team and brothers Sean and Bronwin, I got the privilege to lead in a Night Evangelism team, which reached out to the hurting and the lost on the streets of Cape Town every second Friday night until all those people became our friends.

In conclusion, I am now involved in the Media Team, and here to encourage you to pray about where you belong. We have a responsibility in Cape Town, in South Africa, Africa and the world. Soldiers don’t watch the battle from the side-lines. The battle has been raging since the beginning and guess what? We win the war! So come on, soldier, find your place in the Body of Christ, in the Kingdom of God. It’s here with us, on Earth.

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