Testimony of Shamiela

Testimony of Shamiela18 May 2022 What a powerful testimony of a young woman, who grew up in a Christian home, but because of choice, was hooked on drugs for over 20 years of her life. And as a result, she ended up being homeless.Soon after she found out that she was pregnant. She neglected her … Read more

Testimony of Richard

Testimony of Richard 11 May 2022 He also struggled to have a relationship with his brother because of his drug addiction. He also had a toxic marriage with his ex-wife, as she cheated on him numerous times. On one occasion, his wife cheated on him again, and he left her because he couldn’t deal with … Read more

Testimony of Jordan

Testimony of Jordan 04 May 2022 Born in the city of Liverpool, at the age of 14 he committed a crime and was sent to ‘young offenders’. Addicted to heroin, his crimes got worse and more violent. Stealing from friends and family, living a hectic life, his family eventually got tired of him. One Sunday … Read more

Testimony of Ernesto

Testimony of Ernesto 20 April 2022 What a powerful testimony about a young man from San Bernardino, America, who found himself lost and bound on drug addiction for over 10 years. Stealing from all his closest friends, burning every bridge that was good in his life, in and out of prison, destroying not just himself, … Read more

The Ultimate Price

THE ULTIMATE PRICE By P.G. Njoku Hello and welcome to our blog. We hope you will be greatly blessed by this piece. This past week we commemorated the suffering, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is a series of events which culminated in the resurrection of Jesus Christ which we … Read more

Testimony of Sipheleke

Testimony of Sipheleke What a powerful testimony about a messed up young man who felt that he had no purpose and no hope. He grew up in a stable, Christian home where he used to go to church with his mom. His mom was a single parent and he always found himself alone at home. … Read more

Testimony of Steven

Testimony of Steven 13 April 2022 What a powerful testimony about a messed up young man who felt that he had no purpose and no hope. Got married at the age of 20 and when he was 25, in his 5th year of marriage, he went with his friends to this bachelor party where he … Read more

Testimony of Bradley

What a powerful testimony of a hurting, young child, who used to cry himself to sleep at night. Born in the Philippines, grew up in West Tennessee and then living in Northern California for the last 13 years, he found himself in a broken home. His dad was a substance abuser and went to prison … Read more

Testimony of Isaiah

Testimony of Isaiah 30 March 2022 What a powerful testimony of a young man, finding himself in a broken household where his mom was a drug-addict. His father is a police officer, working long and late shifts. So, whenever his dad came home from work, his mom and dad would argue. His mom would always … Read more

It Is Time To Rev. Up

Acceleration 2022 Series IT’S TIME TO REV. UP – Part I By PG. Njoku The time is now! Yes, it is or should I say: ‘Now is the Time’. Whichever way one choses to say it, what appears paramount is that ‘TIME’ is of the essence hence, whatever needs to be done has to be … Read more