Testimony of Michel

Testimony of Michel

24 March 2022

What a powerful testimony about a young man that was bound to drug-addiction for over 30 years.

It all started when he lost his wife and both parents, due to cancer. He doesn’t have any children, so he had no support base. He only had a sister he was staying with at the time.

He started experimenting with marijuana, then acid, meth and eventually with coke.

One day he took his sister's grocery money and used it to go buy drugs and that was the last straw for his sister, and she kicked him out.

He ended up in a shelter in Johannesburg. From there he decided to move to Cape Town, to get away from the bad influences in his life.

He got a job and lost it again because of Covid. He found himself in Haven night shelter in Kensington. Trying to rebuild himself. Soon but very soon he found himself smoking marijuana again.

victory outreach testimony

He then moved to the Goodwood-area, where he always passed by Victory-Outreach church. That day he decided to go to the service. He was at his wit's end and was honestly just looking for a meal and a bed to sleep on.

God had other plans for him. He saw the worship team on stage and could see God's light shining through them. He also wanted that light to shine through him as well. He then ended up giving his life to Jesus, realizing that Jesus was that void he was missing.

Currently, he is 11 months in the free Recovery Home. Helping other hurting people who is on substance abuse. He feels called by God to be a Home Director. He also wants to learn to become a pastor so that he too, can preach the gospel of Christ all over the world.

He is also super excited to go visit his sister in Johannesburg and is thankful to God for family restoration.

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  1. Powerful testimony all glory to GOD I met brother Michel at the wynberg crusade a good and humble person he is just want to encourage my brother keep doing what you doing my brother…the best is yet to come.


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