Tracey Carter Testimony

Testimony of Tracey Carter 27 July 2022 What an inspiring life story of a multi-talented artist Tracey Carter, who predominantly grew up in a Christian home. Her parents got saved when she was 5 years old. She herself made a commitment to the Lord of a tender age of 9 years old. She is now … Read more

Testimony of Mario

Testimony of Mario 20 July 2022 What a wonderful testimony of a young man, who had a normal upbringing, growing up in the church as his mother was always strict on him. His life changed dramatically when his parents got a divorce. He felt hurt, angry, neglected, abandoned by his father. He started smoking cigarettes, … Read more

Testimony of Charlton

Testimony of Charlton 13 July 2022 A powerful testimony of a young man, who grew up in a good, Christian family. His parents were saved, but he wanted nothing to do with God. He studied computer programming, marketing and studied to become a chef as well. At that time, he already started doing drugs. Studying … Read more

Testimony of Chavaan

Testimony of Chavaan 06 July 2022 A powerful testimony of a young man, coming from a background where his mother was a backslider, his dad coming from a different religion, things were very confusion for him growing up. He had great Christian role models, because his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, were all saved. He … Read more