Testimony of Shamiela

Testimony of Shamiela18 May 2022 What a powerful testimony of a young woman, who grew up in a Christian home, but because of choice, was hooked on drugs for over 20 years of her life. And as a result, she ended up being homeless.Soon after she found out that she was pregnant. She neglected her … Read more

Testimony of Richard

Testimony of Richard 11 May 2022 He also struggled to have a relationship with his brother because of his drug addiction. He also had a toxic marriage with his ex-wife, as she cheated on him numerous times. On one occasion, his wife cheated on him again, and he left her because he couldn’t deal with … Read more

Testimony of Jordan

Testimony of Jordan 04 May 2022 Born in the city of Liverpool, at the age of 14 he committed a crime and was sent to ‘young offenders’. Addicted to heroin, his crimes got worse and more violent. Stealing from friends and family, living a hectic life, his family eventually got tired of him. One Sunday … Read more