Testimony of Jordan

Testimony of Jordan

04 May 2022

Born in the city of Liverpool, at the age of 14 he committed a crime and was sent to ‘young offenders’. Addicted to heroin, his crimes got worse and more violent.

Stealing from friends and family, living a hectic life, his family eventually got tired of him. One Sunday afternoon, whilst selling drugs on an open field, his mother came from church, walking past him. Being saved for over 25 years, his mother tried to convince him to go into the Recovery home, but he refused. As he was sitting there on the field, he started thinking that he really needs to change his lifestyle. He decided to go into the Victory Outreach Liverpool Recovery Home. He was introduced to Jesus Christ and his life was never the same again. “He not only changed my heart, but my mindset and everything in my life” Jordan stated.

He started giving his testimony to his friends and they all got saved and joined the Recovery Home. His two sisters also gave their lives to Jesus. He’s believing God to fulfil His promise that He will restore the lives of his brother and his sons’ as well.

God is not just using him in Ireland and Liverpool, but now he finds himself in Cape Town, South Africa, being trained to be a leader. Currently he is leading the discipleship-home, helping others to fulfil God’s promise in their lives as well.

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