Testimony of Richard

Testimony of Richard

11 May 2022

substance abuse

He also struggled to have a relationship with his brother because of his drug addiction. He also had a toxic marriage with his ex-wife, as she cheated on him numerous times. On one occasion, his wife cheated on him again, and he left her because he couldn’t deal with it anymore. As he went out to buy drugs, he felt that the devil spoke to him to end his life by grabbing the knife and just to slit his wrist. He wanted to do it, and as he had the knife in his hands, suddenly he heard a gentle voice whispering that he must sit on the couch. When he came too, he realised what he was about to do.

He then decided to reach out to his friend who was from Victory Outreach Church, and he invited him to the church. He immediately experienced an abundance of God’s love. He states that it was so overwhelming and that is when he decided to give his heart to the Lord.

He was fortunate to remarry. Today he has a beautiful wife and two children, who he is very proud of. God has blessed him with a house, and he is using his house as a life group. He feels the need to give back to the community as God has done so much for him

Him and his wife is currently serving as part of the leadership team in Wynberg. God is using them powerfully to infiltrate the whole of the Southern Suburbs. ‘Currently we are a small church in Wynberg, but they’re trusting God to make it a mega church. If you put God in the centre of your life, anything is possible’ states Richard.

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