Testimony of Lee Anne

Interviewed by Pastor Dre Henderson

3 January 2024

How was your life like before you got saved?

Before Lee Anne got saved, she says she was into gangsterism, selling drugs and she frequented prison. She describes her past life as a complete mess and says that she gave up on living a normal life.

She made peace with how she was living. She did not have a relationship with her family and her children, her life just revolved around her being in a gang.     

testimony of Lee Anne

How did you end up changing?

In 2019 a girl sprayed her with pepper spray, and she stabbed the girl in the girls’ arm. Lee Anne says that the pepper spray had burned her eyes and she ended up stabbing the girl in her heart.

She asked the girl to forgive her, the police came, and she was locked up overnight.

When she got released on bail her sister got in touch with the Victory Home and that’s where she began to develop a deeper relationship with God.

How is God using your life today?

Today Lee Anne has the privilege of being a parent to her children again, and her relationship with her family has been restored. Lee Anneis also employed and serves God faithfully as a worship leader.

A word of encouragement from Lee Anne:

“To the person that finds themself in the same situation that I find myself in that's maybe listening and sitting in a pellapos with a tik pipe or a mandrax pipe or a rock pipe smoking cocaine and somehow, they are listening to the sound of my voice. I want you know to that there is hope in the name of Jesus.

You are not alone, there is a way and His name is Jesus and if you give him a chance He will make your crooked paths straight. God never leaves us no forsakes us even though we are feeling that at this present moment in time.

I'm speaking to a mother that’s giving up hope on her son or her daughter or an aunty, niece or a nephew that’s listening to this and really wants help for their family member.

We have a free Recovery Home and if you come to Victory Outreach church with the support group, we can assist. The recovery home helped me. I just wanna encourage you that don't give up on your loved one.

Jesus loved us and that is what we need to show, we need to show love. I believe if God done it for me and my family surely God can do it for you as well. The only name that you can call upon is the name of Jesus Amen.”

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