Testimony of Keisha

Interviewed by Pastor Dre Henderson

31 January 2024

How was your life like before you got saved?

Before Keisha got saved, she says she did not have an identity, she just wanted to please people and fit in. She says she used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Keisha says no one knew she was experiencing this because she always put up a front.

How did you end up changing?

In the year 2018 Keisha gave her life to God when she was 16 years old. Ever since that day life for her has never been the same.

She met people who helped her get closer to God. Keisha says that knowing God made her accept herself and she found acceptance in Him. She found complete healing in Christ.

How is God using your life today?

Keisha says that God is using her in a powerful way.

She now uses her life as a living testimony to encourage others who are struggling with their identity, mental health issues and confusion.

She encourages others to find the peace that only God can give.

A word of encouragement from Keisha:

“If you are listening today and you are going through the same things I did. Maybe you are insecure, maybe you have anxiety, maybe you're struggling with panic attacks and maybe you have suicidal thoughts or maybe you just feel far from God – Just know that God is a God who saves. God is a God who changes things.

There's nothing in this world that is impossible for him. God will come through for you, you just have to call on his name.

I just want to tell you is that the enemy wants to isolate you, the enemy wants to steal your voice. I want to encourage you to use voice, cry out to God and He will answer you.

He will never leave you nor forsake you. If He could rescue me out of my situation, He can surely do it for you. God bless you.”

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