Testimony of Kurt Van Ster

Interviewed by Pastor Dre Henderson

22 November 2023

How was your life like before you got saved?

Kurt says that his life was in danger, it was messed up. He says he was going somewhere but with no goals and no direction, he felt like he had no purpose.

Testimony of Kurt Van Ster

He compares his life at the time, with the game of Tetris, saying that he just wanted to fit in. He felt like he did not have an identity, he identified with many people, looking to find himself.

Only after he got saved, he understood that God says: I am who you say I am.  He felt that God was telling him that he was never meant to be different nor to fit in but simply to just be himself.

He says that he believes we can only be what we are called to be when we are truly ourselves, the person God says we are.

How did you end up changing?

Kurt says the plan was never to be saved, he could not picture himself being saved. He says he thought being saved is boring and not cool.

He is a Pastor’s kid but still never thought he would feel the urge to motivate someone in the ways of God. He did not view himself as good enough or capable enough.

He says he remembers the day he got saved, it was like he was thirsty and needed to quench his thirst and then gave his life over to God. He now feels like he has purpose and cannot imagine life without God.

How is God using your life today?

He now helps to spread the gospel though crusades and uses his testimony to be a beacon of light. He says he tries to spread the gospel everywhere he goes.

Words of encouragement from Kurt:

“I would like to encourage someone today by saying that you are more than enough. In Afrikaans, there’s a saying that says; Ek is meer as. Growing up I always told myself that I am not enough. I told myself that you will never be like this, never be like that.

Coming from a family that didn't have everything that everyone else had. Growing up in an environment where your mindset was limited to that place…

Growing up and telling yourself I would never be like that person because I don't have that capabilities or there are these are shortcomings in my life and I will never be able to reach that. But I want to encourage someone by saying you are more than what you are going through right now.

You are more than the battle you are facing, more than the storm, more than your past mistakes, you are more than whatever obstacle is in front of you.

Do not wish for the rain to go away but instead thank God for the rain right now in your life because it is busy watering the seeds of God’s promise in your life. Remember, you are more than.”

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