Testimony of Kaylin Solomons

Interviewed by Pastor Dre Henderson

29 November 2023

How was your life like before you got saved?

Kaylin says that life for her before she got saved was very unstable, her dad was on drugs and her mom was struggling to make ends meet.

Testimony of Kaylin Solomons

She says she did not have a good relationship with her parents because they were always arguing. The toxic relationship her parents created caused her to turn to her schoolbooks so she could avoid her reality.   

How did you end up changing?

In Primary school, Kaylin was trying her best to deal with what she was facing at home. She remembers her friend invited her to a Christian camp, she was very young but clearly remembers God touching her life.

She got saved and got home to find that her dad was put out of their house, she says she did not understand and questioned God.

She says that she thought Christianity was all smooth-sailing but soon realized that being a Christian does not mean you will have a life without storms but that we have a savior that is with us in the midst of the storm – our lifeguard that walks on water.

Kaylin says that she had to learn by herself how to seek the face of God, she did not always understand but kept on reading her bible and knew that every word is true. After her dad got saved, they joined Victory Outreach and there she started to develop in her walk with Christ.

How is God using your life today?

Kaylin is currently part of the GANG team at Victory Outreach where she helps girls deal with life and encourage them in the ways of the lord.

She is also part of the New Gen where Kaylin shares the word of God to 11–14-year-olds. She says she enjoys sharing her testimony with the youth.

Words of encouragement from Kaylin:

“Stay with God and so as I've mentioned I went through many trials besides the dysfunctional household I had at home, I was also sexually abused.

So, there was a lot that I went through while being saved and because these trials were so heavy it led me to a really dark season in my life. I struggled with depression and anxiety and yes this was while I was saved but I was struggling with these things because I wasn't casting my burdens, but I was carrying them.

Once I started casting that I was able to make it out. Seeking the lord daily and deeply helped me and I can truly say that it's God in my relationship with him that carry me through.

If there is anyone out there facing the same thing or something similar, I want to encourage you to keep seeking God.

Keep pursuing him and running after Him with all that you are because he is a faithful God, and he sees us through every season.  Yes, I know it's hard and sometimes we question because we don't understand.

I've been there and I've cried I've cried and there were moments where I didn't want to love anymore but I want you to know that God sees you and that you are not alone.

Remember to surround yourself with the community that prays for you and uplifts you and remember that the word of God says that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is in the boat with you, and he is working all things together for your good. So, don't give up, keep running after Jesus.”

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