Testimony of Kirsten                                                                  

21 June 2023  

Kirsten says that before he came to know God he was, Messed up from the chest up. He was caught up in all the wrong things. He was part of a gang, and everything associated with gangsterism.

Kirsten says that while he was working for a retail store, he had stolen many items from the shop and on one occasion he was caught. The Head of the department at work, called the police, and he confided in her by saying that he wants to change. The woman referred him to a place called Victory Outreach.

Testimony of Kirsten Sewan

This woman who was meant to send him to prison, was the one who helped him to come to Jesus.

Today Kirsten is currently enrolled in a live-in bible school called The Urban Training Centre (UTC), where he is equipping himself with biblical principles.

“Do not give up you know, in the time of darkness there's only one man who can help and his name is Jesus. Call out to Jesus and he will show up. Not your neighbor, not even your parents can help you, not the prison system. Nothing can help you but only the name of Jesus. My encouragement is for you to cry out to the Lord .”

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