Testimony of Noli Boada Jr.

Testimony of Noli                                                                           

17 May 2023 

Noli says that prior to being saved he feels like he was just lost and confused about who he was. His father was in the navy, so he moved a lot.

After his father retired, he and his family settled in Hawaii, where he spent most of his life. He was looking for a place to fit in and ended up smoking meth, and says he made a mess of his life and had to leave Hawaii.

testimony of Noli

His addiction to meth lasted for just over 10 years.  

He ended up changing in 2017. Noli’s mom met someone from Victory Outreach. She then persuaded Noli to listen to the man from the church. He then eventually got saved when he encountered the holy spirit.

Today Noli is in full time ministry. He is a leader in the Recovery Home. God is using him to reach his family and to bring in young adults. He is excited to share his testimony with others who is just like he was.

He has been saved for six years now and just looks forward to what God still has in store for him.

Noli encourages those who may be living the same life he once did by telling them to stop running.

He says if you know that what you’re doing is not right, just surrender, because if there is anything that he can confidently say it’s that the sooner you surrender, the sooner you’re no longer in denial.

He wishes he surrendered to God much sooner because being in Christ has served him well.

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