Testimony of Lisakhanya Luphuwana     

Testimony of Lisakhanya Luphuwana.                                      

3 May 2023  

Before coming to know Christ, Lisakhanya says that his life was messed up. He says he used to rob ordinary people on the street, even people he knew.

He used to also sell drugs on the streets, and he formed part of a gang. While he was part of this gang he was constantly fighting on behalf of his gang. He says that he felt so useless because he was a disappointment to his family who had hope for him.

He remembers abusing drugs with his friends under bridges and in the slum. He felt Satan grab a hold of his life which led him to give up on himself.

Lisakhanya decided to change his life when his family had told him that he had to leave the house and fend for himself. He thus had nowhere to go.

He then met a pastor who helped people who were homeless. The pastor had then introduced him to a young man who was in the same position he had been and who has a passion for helping the youth.

Lisakhanya says that he had felt at peace with sharing his thoughts as the young man had a similar testimony to him. He then enrolled in the Mens Victory Home where God transformed him completely.

Today Lisakhanya has confidence he never thought he possessed. He preaches and testifies about the goodness of God upon his life, similarly, he encourages others that God can meet them at their point of need as well. He now frequents the Home where he once was and encourages the men to persevere.

“To the lost soul, lost brother, or woman of God, I would like to encourage you that we are running a race with different pages. I believe that if I can make it then anyone can.

I pray and know that the generation of today is going to be a great generation; where we will find ourselves reaching the lost and bound for Jesus Christ. There is a plan and purpose for your life, just call upon the name of Jesus. Jesus will change your life.”

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