A Burden to Build – Pastor Sam Sanchez

A Burden to Build 

Neh. 1:1-4

Take Aways 

In this story we see Nehemiah hears a disastrous report on the condition of his country the report is so bad it gives him a heavy burden that leads him to call on God!

I like Nehemiah because when he hears bad news he runs to God and prays a powerful prayer 

He prays for his people 

He prays for repentance 

He prays God’s word back to him 

He prays for God to honor the Prayer 

He prays for favor to make a difference 

What a pattern for prayer!

I also like Nehemiah because He decides to take action about the broken things in his life. Some People just see the pain and say shame and look the other way!

There’s something special about a people who decide to rebuild broken walls

There’s something special about a people who rebuild broken walls, if there were modern day Nehemiah's I believe you will find them in Victory Outreach.  

We have decided to do something about the brokenness in our city!  I believe this church was started because there was way too much brokenness in the city and God said to himself if I could only find a man who would call on me I can do something with him and put an anointing on him to restore what the enemy has destroyed! 

I believe in this house we have seen and will continue to see: 

Men restored 

Women healed 

Young People answer the call of God 

Families come back together 

Leaders rise up 

Powerful people who will do mighty exploits for God

This morning I came to release that burden on us today.

Keys to Building with a Burden 

1).  Nehemiah sensed a divine calling upon his life!

There was such a heavy mandate to do something for God he became a man on a mission.  

Two calls we have 

A general call salvation 

A specific call to be used by God and to do His will for your life! 

Just like God called Nehemiah God is calling us right now

Just like the prophet Jeremiah he knows you and what he has put inside of you do you know there is greatness inside of you! Some of you just don't know it today but God is calling you right now! 


The calling of God is so strong on your life it will hunt you down, it will send people from a far away land to reach you teach you and release you to make an impact for Jesus. 

What makes us so different than many other places is that when you walk in the building you can sense the calling of God.  

There is something inside of you that comes alive when we reach souls when we serve when we come together my friend that is the call of God there's no denying it you can sense it this morning the call of God is going out and I would dare to prophesy some of you will answer that call and the trajectory of your life will change so much people will ask you what happened but it's the call of God! 

2).  Nehemiah had a cause worth fighting for!

He could no longer serve in the palace because his people were living in a state of disrepair 

When we look at our city there are areas that are in desolation 

When we look at the condition of the people in our city many have lost hope many are far from their purpose 

When Nehemiah seen the condition of his people,

He called on God and asked could of this be the moment I was created for, could this be my Olympic moment in life!

We as Victory Outreach we have a cause worth fighting for We are fighting for souls 

We are fighting for our generation 

We are fighting for our future 

3).  Nehemiah counted the cost to see the work completed.

It was going to take an investment personally and corporately to see the work completed. 

A.  Resources-it will take the people of God committing themselves to honor God. Tithes and offering 

It was going to take a spirit of sacrifice to see us build a great work.  

Time-we will need to work hard to rebuild move out of our comfort zone. 

Talent-we will need to use our gifting to rebuild 

Treasure-it will take financial commitment to build God's House.   

B.  Rubble-the rubble is our brokenness 

Sometimes all we can offer God is our rubble our rubble is our past.  I have good news no matter how damaged our rubble is He can use it again! 

When I came to God I was so broken I was filled with anger and disappointment 

Isaiah 58:12 Message 

You’ll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the foundations from out of your past. You’ll be known as those who can fix anything, restore old ruins, rebuild and renovate, make the community livable again.

God uses our rubble to build our future 

Today maybe all you have is rubble to offer God 

He can turn a mess into a miracle

He can turn a disaster into a destiny

Today not only does God want to use our resource to build but also our rubble 

I have good news if God can use rubble to rebuild he can use you! 

4).  Nehemiah was compelled to move by faith! 

He was able to change his nation by having a radical faith to believe for the impossible. 

Faith is believing before it comes to pass 

We need a people who believe we can see the impossible take place! 

Nehemiah had position, power, and many good organizational skills, but he acknowledged that God’s gracious hand was upon him. He knew that without God’s strength, his efforts would be in vain

I believe God wants to raise up a people in Cape Town who can move by faith 

Who believe that God can raise up a ministry out of rubble 

Who believe that God can accelerate the growth in our personal and ministry lives 

Who believe that God can do the impossible! 

The work may seem impossible but with God on our side 

I want us to come so we can pray I believe God will allow us to build with a burden 

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  1. What a powerfull sermon…Nothing is to hard for God…Thank you Jesus for using my past rubble to rebuild my future. To change my mess into a message..To God be the glory great things He has done


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