Testimony of Antonio Taylor

Testimony of Antonio Taylor

21 December 2022

Testimony of Antonio Taylor

Antonio grew up in a family where majority of his family was saved and serving God. His basic needs were met even though he recalls his father being an alcoholic.

His father later divorced his mother and when he got married, he felt pressured – which is when he started relying on drugs. Antonio believes that his loved one’s prayers are what preserved his life.

He hopes that his story will help someone who may find themselves where he once was.

Before coming to know Christ Antonio describes his life as taking a turn for the worse after choosing drugs to cope. He thought he couldn’t handle life’s pressures and turned to drugs to fill a void.

That’s when the enemy crept in. Antonio knows that the devil took him out for a long time. He became a different person by disrespecting his wife and he neglected his children.

He became a selfish person you. For years Antonio didn't know his true self, he followed the crowd and got lost in it.

He came to know Christ through one of his friends, James Olifant who is part of the ministry of Victory Outreach.

When Antonio witnessed what God had done in his friends’ life, he thought why not give “this Jesus thing” a try and see what He can do for him. Soon thereafter he decided that enough is enough and he came into the recovery home at Victory Outreach. Since then, God, has blessed everything concerning his life.

He transformed his perspective, changing the way he thinks, changing the way he talks and moves.  Antonio further explains, “and my life has never been the same you know, I've learned to be more self-less. I've learned to serve.

God is doing a new thing which is a great. He is restoring my family. It's in the Victory Home that I changed my life completely. God has been good.”

God has raised Antonio up to be staff in the Victory Home. The same Home he came into as an addict, is now the place where he helps others to overcome addiction.  

Never did he ever imagine that he would find himself in a leadership position that he is in today and all the glory belongs to God. Nobody can ever take the glory.

God is using his life in such a wonderful way. He's been faithful. He has restored Antonio’s family. His marriage and his relationship with his children.

He believes that God has called him and his wife to go home and take the city of Pretoria for His honor. Antonio was recently baptized and testifies with certainty that God has truly taken him out of the darkness and into His marvelous light.

“All those who are listening right now that can hear my voice I encourage you to trust in the Lord. All things are possible with Jesus. I never thought that I would make it this far.

People turned their backs towards me. People were talking about me, saying that I would never make it. But God has seen it fit, He has deemed me worthy enough to be serving in his Kingdom and I would just like to say to every husband, every wife, and every child – never don't stop praying.

Believe that God will turn your life around, He's a way maker He's a promise keeper and He does what he says.

To every family that is broken or is hurting that feels that there is no way out, I would just like to encourage you to take what is right there during everything that is going on regarding your circumstances. God is always there, and

He is working it out. We all fall short of the glory, but the word says in Romans 8 verse 28 that we know that for all things God works things out for the best He causes things to work together for those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.

We can stand firm on His word that he will never leave us and that he will never forsake us. So just keep the faith. Stay strong and never stop praying.”

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