Testimony of Tiffany

Testimony of Tiffany

15 June 2022

What a powerful testimony of a young lady, whose parents got separated, and unknowingly, caused her to face a lot of rejection.

She couldn’t connect properly with people, she had a lack of confidence, and never had any friends. She preferred being alone, and not to be around any people, which led to her being depressed. She always liked serving people, and treated people the way she wanted to be treated, which she thought was a good quality, but she never took care of herself.

She was invited to her matric ball after party, which was a tradition, and she went with her matric partner. She met up with an old friend of hers who attended her previous church. She invited her to church, she went and got saved and got baptised. She believes that God works in mysterious ways, because little did she know that she was going to have an encounter at her matric ball after party, of all places.

Currently she finds herself in the Urban Training Centre, where a group of young people find themselves being developed in the things of God. God is using her powerfully to disciple other girls who is going through depression and rejection. She just wants to let them know that they are called by God to do mighty things in Christ, that their past doesn’t determine their future.

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