Testimony of Steven

Testimony of Steven

13 April 2022

What a powerful testimony about a messed up young man who felt that he had no purpose and no hope.

Got married at the age of 20 and when he was 25, in his 5th year of marriage, he went with his friends to this bachelor party where he was introduced to drugs and very soon he was hooked. He started partying with his friends every weekend, neglecting his wife and children.

testimony of steven

He would party from the Friday after work, not even going home. He would only go home on Mondays. His wife would worry about him and went looking for him on weekends at the police station and at the various hospitals.

His parents were very disappointed in him as they were both Christians and he used to be a church goer just like them. His wife also couldn’t take it any longer and kicked him out of the house. He found himself living on the streets.

In November 2016, he found himself partying with his friends the whole night. A term referred to as a “naggie”. Afterwards he decided to go home and be a father to his children. He started cleaning the house and while he was cleaning, he suddenly heard the radio playing on CCFM and it was the rise up radio segment. On the radio, there was a lady testifying how she was a prostitute on the streets of Voortrekker Road in Parow. The Victory Outreach Church in Goodwood were evangelising and handing out flyers and right there on the streets in Parow she knelt down, and they prayed for her. She gave her heart to Jesus and they got her into the free Victory Outreach Recovery Home.

That’s exactly how he felt inside too, and he also wanted to change his life. He was so encouraged and felt that he too can get help. He spoke to his pastor whom he was living with at the time, and his wife about this amazing church who takes in drug addicts, gangsters and prostitutes.

On 20 June 2017, he stepped into the free Recovery Home in Hanover Park and his life was never the same again. He got his wife and children back. He got his parents back and he got his job back.

Currently he and his family are worshipping the Lord through music. With him being the lead guitarist, his one son on the base guitar, his other son a drummer and his wife a singer on the worship team.

Praise be to God.

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