Testimony of Ernesto

Testimony of Ernesto

20 April 2022

What a powerful testimony about a young man from San Bernardino, America, who found himself lost and bound on drug addiction for over 10 years.

Stealing from all his closest friends, burning every bridge that was good in his life, in and out of prison, destroying not just himself, but everyone he got in contact with. The drugs were like a virus, continually, destroying everything.

He got to a point where he dropped all his morals, and he didn’t care anymore. Every time he reached out for a connection, then he would end up destroying it again. Staying addicted to drugs pulled him away from a right standing in life. He found himself at the bottom of society, cutting his life short.

Feeling like he reached the bottom of the pit, he remembered a friend from high school that said if he ever needed help, he should come to him, and he will help him. His friend was from Victory Outreach Church and his parents were pillars of the church. He reached out and they led him to the Lord.

He went into the free Recovery Home and that’s where God really got a hold of his life. He feels called to help all the hurting people of the world.

Currently he finds himself in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Urban Training Centre. A place where young people get trained and equipped to be leaders in their churches, schools and communities. He was blessed to be a part of the Wynberg Crusade, where they linked up with other churches. Evangelising in areas like Wynberg, Ottery and Lotus River. Seeing souls reached on the street corners, to the church altars, to families being restored. God really expanded his capacity and he sees how God has called him to preach the Gospel of Christ, and to disposes nations.

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