Free Rehab in Cape Town [ Amazing Results ]

Victory Outreach Free Drug Rehab

Have you ever wondered where to find a FREE rehab in Cape Town ? Well, we have an answer for you.

Victory Outreach is a Free drug rehab that is making a huge difference in Cape Town, South Africa. We are constantly seeing lives changed by the power of God.

Even though there are very few free drug rehab programs, Victory Outreach is one of them. We are a drug treatment rehab that believes in the Power of God to change lives and we are a free residential drug rehab.

Our drug rehab programs have an amazing success rate of those who graduate.

Here are a few testimonies of lives that have been changed by the power of God through the Victory Outreach Christian Drug Rehab.

testimony of ex drug addict

Hi my name is Charlton Brown and before I came into the Victory Outreach Christian Recovery Home I was a no good drug addict for 12 years of my life.

God touched my life and delivered me and I am currently one of the Youth Leaders in God's Anointed Now Generation at Victory Outreach Church. God is able.

free rehab centres in cape town

My name is Madanieya Nehata and 8 years ago I was known as a drug addict and menace to society.

Caught up in drug addiction I thought that my life would end through an overdose, suicide or murder.

I never thought that there was a way out of my life of drug addiction, but God said otherwise. He set me free from drug addiction even though I was Muslim.

He restored me to my family whom I ran from and He gave me new hope for life. Now I have a reason to live.

Today I serve as a missionary in the city of Pretoria helping other drug addicts experience the freedom of Jesus Christ and share that religion cannot keep you from finding the Love of God.

If you would like more information on our free residential drug rehab, contact us at (021) 691-9575 or fill out our contact us form here.

Victory Outreach – The History

Since their humble beginning in 1967, Victory Outreach grew from one church to a worldwide network of over 700 churches and ministries, with locations across America and in 30 countries from the Philippines to the Netherlands.

They have grown into one of the largest inner-city ministries in the world meeting the needs of people from all walks of life.

For over 48 years, Victory Outreach has trained and equipped men and women to reach their full potential in life, whether it is establishing a church, building a career, or growing and nurturing a family.

The following timeline illustrates the growth and development of Victory Outreach International. In 1967, their vision was to reach East Los Angeles. This vision broadened to include California, then all of America, then… Read More

Christian Drug Rehab

Victory Outreach Christian Drug Rehab is located at 2 Bellmore Ave. Penlyn Estates in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you would like to contact us by phone, we can be reached at (021) 691-9575 or you can visit our Church website at

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  1. I have a son who is using drags nyaope , I don’t have money to pay for him rehab ,he still in the house I need help please . I am staying in soweto devland flats.with my little one this is a trauma for us my contact no is 0633080924 .

  2. Morning I am pensioner who desperately need help with my son who is on drugs he is just getting violent now from Soweto my contact number is 0732976688

  3. My granddaughter is using drugs.Her Mom died so she lives with me.I am 74 yrs old she is 30 yrs old.My cell 0837866190

    • Hello there, Legin. You are more than welcome to stop by our church office or call us at 061 407 9474. We look forward to connecting with you.

  4. Please could someone call me urgently, my best friend is on severe drugs and homeless!!! I need to help him…. I can be reached on 0878084747.

    Thank you!!

    • Hello there, it is great hearing from you. We will have someone from our recovery home office contact you. Thank you for reaching out.


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