Global Run 4 Hope

Global Run 4 Hope is all our locations coming together on October 28th , 2023 via a live stream “Global Run for Hope Celebration” event which will feature Run 4 Hope participants, missionaries, leadership from around the world and Church challenge winners will be announced.


Sign-Up for Run for Hope – It’s free!

Register for free today and begin getting sponsors to support your cause. Encourage your loved ones and family to participate alongside you as we strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals residing within underprivileged urban areas.

Moreover, thanks to our virtual platform, individuals from all corners of the world (yes, that includes international participants!) can join forces and contribute to our mission by sponsoring your endeavors.

Set a Goal. Find Sponsors

When you register, it is imperative to include a profile picture and a biography explaining your reasons for participating in Run 4 Hope. Additionally, pick a target you wish to achieve. Keep in mind that individual rewards commence at R1,000. You are capable of accomplishing this!

Push yourself to strive for a Sponsorship Goal and inform everyone you know – be it family, friends, neighbors, business partners, or members of the local community – that you are imploring them to sponsor you in order to assist you in reaching your desired objective.

Easily share your link with them through text, email, Facebook, or Instagram. By doing so, they will have the opportunity to view your testimonials, photos, videos, and track your progress as you approach and potentially surpass your goal!

Do What you Love

To acquire support from our sponsors and secure victories in spreading the teachings of Jesus worldwide, engage in activities that you are genuinely passionate about!

Whether it be participating in a 5K or 10K Walk/Run, strolling around the neighborhood with your beloved pet or your little one in a stroller, indulging in the joys of baking, showcasing your artistic skills through drawing, building strength through weightlifting, embarking on a low-rider cruise, cycling through scenic routes, or embarking on a motorcycle journey with your companions, seize the opportunity on October 28th (or any other time that suits your schedule) to engage in what truly brings you happiness.

Display your participation by sharing captivating photos and more on social media using the hashtag #R4H2023. Inform your sponsors about your unwavering commitment to your chosen activity and your dedication to earning their invaluable sponsorships.