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The Victory Outreach Recovery Home is a ministry of the local church. The Home provides a residential, Christian environment for men and women.

The purpose of the Home is to reclaim, redeem, and restore lives that have been destroyed or disrupted by drugs, alcohol and/or other substance abuse by establishing three essential values; a commitment to Christ, restoration of the family and a positive work ethic.

Real Life Testimonies Below

testimony of ex drug addict

Charlton Brown

Regional Youth leader

Hi my name is Charlton Brown and before I came into the Victory Outreach Christian Recovery Home, I was a no-good drug addict for 12 years of my life. God touched my life and delivered me, and I am currently one of the Youth Leaders in God's Anointed Now Generation at Victory Outreach Church. God is able.

testimony of a changed life

Madanieya Nehata

Womens home graduate

My name is Madanieya Nehata and 8 years ago I was known as a drug addict and menace to society.

Caught up in drug addiction I thought that my life would end through an overdose, suicide or murder. I never thought that there was a way out of my life of drug addiction, but God said otherwise.

He set me free from drug addiction even though I was Muslim. He restored me to my family whom I ran from and He gave me new hope for life. Now I have a reason to live.

Today I serve as a missionary in the city of Bloemfontein helping other drug addicts experience the freedom of Jesus Christ and share that religion cannot keep you from finding the Love of God.

testimony of leigh-anne


womens home graduate

My name is Leigh-Anne Cameron. I was conceived after my mother was raped. She raised me single-handedly in a good Christian home.

At university I started experimenting with drugs feeling hopeless, losing all direction becoming homeless, I was broken & hurting.

I walked into the Home in 2015 and God started healing me and restoring my family. I became head staff and then God began giving me favour. I went to Gauteng twice.

Before this I had never left Cape Town. Today I find myself at UTC, training to become a leader & missionary. I love my Pastors, my leaders and my church.

testimony of a changed life

Francoise Human

pastor of Victory oureach east rand 

My name is Francoise Human. Before stepping into the Christian Recovery Home I found myself messed up. I participated in gang activities and got entangled in the things of the world.

My behavior nullified everything that my dad was sharing from the pulpit as he was a minister of the gospel. I had no hope and believed what everyone else believed, that “once a drug addict always a drug addict”.

After stepping into the Christian Recovery Home I got delivered, set free and I received new hope from God my Saviour.

Now I am a licensed minister of the gospel at Victory Outreach, Cape Town Church. What seems impossible with man is possible with God.

testimony of a changed life

My name is Candice Croy-Human. Before I came into the Christian Recovery Home, I was lost and bound to drugs for 7 years.

I was hurting and looking for love in all the wrong places. I had a void that no one could fill, and I felt that I had no purpose. After stepping into the Christian Recovery Home God delivered me, gave me a plan and a purpose for my life.

I found a love unspeakable and full of glory. Now I am a pastor’s wife at Victory Outreach, Cape Town Church. If it was not for His grace and mercy then I don't know where I would have been. I thank the Lord for His saving grace and eternal love.

Men's Recovery Home

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