40 Days Prayer and Fasting devotion

Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

As children of God our main desire should be to please God with all that we do. Matthew describes it as a “hunger and thirst” which I believe describes it perfectly.

When we thirsty or hungry we do something about it. We go get water to drink or go make us something to eat. The same should happen with us and God. We should have such a hunger and thirst for God that it flows into our everyday life. It should make us look at ourselves and challenge us to change for the better.

It should also challenge us to do something for God. Wether it is to join a ministry or spread the good news at your work place. Our hunger and thirst for God should challenge us to get up and give our absolute best to God.

You can identify that some hunger and thirst in our Founders and Elders. Their hunger and thirst made them do great things for God and carried them for 50 years. They are dependent on God and stand on his promises and God has seen them through all these years. They knew they could only do it through the power of God. Every move they made they knew God was with them and that the move they made was God ordained.

Just like them we should have a hunger and thirst for God. Our hunger and thirst should push us to go deeper with God and give our very best to what we do.