Unathi Sonkwala Testimony

Testimony of Unathi Sonkwala 11 January 2023 “It is an honour to and a privilege for me to be part of this show. My name is Unathi Sonkwala, all the way from Gugulethu. I thank God for this platform, for me to be able to share my testimony. This is the purpose for us to … Read more

Kyle Herrings Testimony

Testimony of Kyle Herrings 4 January 2023 This is a story of a young boy who fell into the trap of addiction from the age of fourteen through nineteen years of age. Kyle expresses how different his life was to others his age. How instead of figuring life out through his teenage years, he was … Read more

Ulrich Antha Testimony

Testimony of Ulrich 28 December 2022 This story teaches us how much of an impact the friends we choose have over our lives. Ulrich grew up in a godly household but the friends he chose enticed him to pursue an unrighteous life which led him to being enslaved to pornography and alcohol. Years later God … Read more

Testimony of Antonio Taylor

Testimony of Antonio Taylor 21 December 2022 Antonio grew up in a family where majority of his family was saved and serving God. His basic needs were met even though he recalls his father being an alcoholic. His father later divorced his mother and when he got married, he felt pressured – which is when … Read more

Darryl Stewart Testimony

Testimony of Darryl 14 December 2022 Darryl describes his life as being a complete downward spiral before knowing Christ. For fourteen years he was enslaved and described himself as a man who was broken, lost, and bound in this world. He remembers making one bad decision after another. At the age of 17 he got … Read more

Testimony of Darren

Testimony of Darren Kota 6 December 2022 A testimony of God’s faithfulness in our lives and how He takes broken people and restores their lives. This is the story of a young man who was once seeking the approval of the world which left him feeling inadequate but when he found God, his life changed … Read more

Testimony of Bonnie

Testimony of Bonnie 30 November 2022 What a powerful story of a young woman, who came out of a broken home, father was in and out of her life, mom had to work to provide for the family and so her grandmother raised her. At the age of 18, her life changed drastically. She started … Read more

Pastor George Testimony

Testimony of Pastor George 23 November 2022 What a powerful life story of a young man, who had his own dreams, his own plans, his own ideas about how his life was going to be. As a young man he had a dream of becoming a movie star and just pursuing a career in the … Read more

Testimony of Hannah

Testimony of Hannah 16 November 2022 Wow, what a powerful testimony of a young lady, who was broken, who hated herself, who was very insecure, about anything and everything concerning herself. She used to look in the mirror and tell herself; you are useless, you are hopeless, you are worthless, you are stupid, you are … Read more

Testimony of Enrique

Testimony of Bro Enrique 08 November 2022 What a powerful testimony of a man who grew up in a rough neighbourhood, had a rough upbringing. His father was always abusive to him and his mom. At the age of 3, his father would give him marijuana to smoke and made him drink alcohol, making him … Read more