Testimony of Kulvinder                                                           

14 June 2023 

Kulvinder’s life was very different before she came to know Christ. She was born in India and raised in Canada. She says she was raised in a very oppressive way; she was very sheltered and had an arranged marriage at the age of 18.

At age 26 she ran away with an ex-mafia member because she was tired of the abuse and a few years later she ended up in prison. It was in prison where she found God.

Victory Outreach played a huge part in Kulvinder coming to God. She says that becoming a Christian was not easy because at the time she was a single mother to six children and was facing possible deportation. After visiting a church in Seattle, she got involved in ministry, from there she met her   

husband and now she oversees ministries and she and her husband help other married couples.

Currently Kulvinder and her husband oversee a 12-step support group every Monday at 7pm for an hour.  Every step has a scripture associated with it.

The program is a vital part of the Men’s support as they are there every week, and the program is available for anyone. Some people only stop by once and others continue the session until completion, but Kulvinder says that she knows God still moves regardless of the number of times a person attends.

The marriage ministry is held once a month, it is also based on The word where couples get to connect and talk about struggles they may be facing.

“I was to tell anybody anything somebody that was in my shoes anything, I would tell them to be persistent, relentless and allow God to move in their life not be in such a rush. Everybody's timing is different.

I have experienced living in mansions, I grew up and my family was really really wealthy but then also, I also experienced homelessness and lived in a shelter, lived with other and currently you know, we own two homes and life is good but I never let myself forget the struggles God's word says and my life has exemplified that if we are faithful with little that God will be faithful to us with much.

so yes, I can encourage you by saying; just keep pressing on and keep allowing God to move in your life and it all starts with prayer.”

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