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Becoming MEGA
We are on the road to MEGA… as a ministry, as a church,
and we all should be on the road to MEGA in our personal
lives as well…

We should desire MEGA things in life… we should never
settle for small, ordinary, less in life…

MEGA: very large, huge, extreme in amount

We should not only desire MEGA but know and believe
that through Christ we are more than able to obtain it!…

WE SERVE A MEGA GOD… who performs MEGA
miracles, MEGA deliverances, MEGA transformations…

And for many of us, God has already proven that He is
MEGA! He has used our lives to prove it!

God has been in the business of MEGA since the very

Genesis 1:1 NKJV
Creation itself is MEGA… but God also made sure to take
time with minor details.

We should desire to become MEGA because the MEGA
results we get from God far outdo any results produced
by man alone.

We are a part of a ministry that believes we can be MEGA,
a ministry that has a MEGA vision, a MEGA mission, full of
MEGA opportunities ahead of us…

Sometimes we want the MEGA results but we still don’t
get the results we wanted…

Minor: lesser in importance, seriousness, significance….
small, unimportant
We must pay attention to the minor details in different
areas of our life if we are going to become MEGA.

MEGA growth concepts:

  • “Growing BIG by growing small”
  • “Aim small, miss small”
    Paying attention to the “minor” things in life is of upmost
    importance if we want to become MEGA and receive
    MEGA blessings.

    Numbers 20:7-12 NKJV
    *Moses didn’t get to enter the promised land because he
    overlooked what may have seemed like a minor detail at
    this point in his life and journey with God.
    Moses did it his way instead of being obedient to God in
    a “minor” detail. This resulted in Moses missing out on
    the MEGA blessing of entering the promised land!
    Minor details can stop us from receiving the MEGA
    blessings God intended for us.
    In order to become MEGA we need MEGA…
  • without character we won’t be able to handle the
    MEGA things God wants to give us
    1 Corinthians 15:33 NLT
    We need MEGA…


  • Our connections strengthen us for the challenges
    A) We need a MEGA connection with GOD
  • make it personal
    1 Samuel 30:6 NKJV
    B) We need MEGA connections with others
  • Gideons mighty men: their circle got smaller but the
    fight in them grew bigger
  • Acts 16: Paul and Silas used their connection of faith
    and trust in God to experience a miracle and were
    delivered from captivity
    We need MEGA…


  • Challenges bring change and provide opportunities to
    experience true victories
  • Without challenges we will never change (don’t stay
  • God allows us to be challenged, so we can grow and
    change our ways…
    1 Corinthians 10:13 NLT
    James 1:12 NKJV
    Our response to the Challenge will make the difference…
    1 Samuel 17:26 NKJV
    “today, the Lord will conquer you…”
    David responded in full confidence in the Lord, not self.
  • David didn’t look at the natural circumstances that this
    challenge presented. Instead He looked to the one who
    allowed the challenge to come his way.
  • He trusted God to help him overcome and gain victory
    for others (bigger picture) and in turn he was also
    blessed and highly favored.
    We need and should desire these things in our lives to
    become MEGA…
  1. MEGA Character
  2. MEGA Connections
  3. MEGA Challenges
    We must also be willing to look at the “minor” things in
    our life and allow God to do a MEGA work within us in
    order to become MEGA.
    Remembering that “minor” things matter if we are to
    receive all God has for our lives.
    We are called by God to become MEGA and make a
    MEGA impact in the lives of others.
    Lord, MAKE US MEGA, for Your honor and glory, amen.

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