Testimony of Angela

Testimony of Angela

28 September 2022

What a powerful life story of a young woman, who grew up in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, as her family also went to church. For her it was more a routine, but at that time she did not have a personal relationship with God.

In 2013, she became caught up in a lot of different things. She became so busy with her studies, she even decided to take on a part time job. She didn’t have time to go to church anymore. She didn’t have time for ministry, just going about her own things.

That very same year, a close friend of hers, whom she always looked up to and always encouraged her, suddenly passed away. On the day of his memorial service, as she was sitting there, she just felt something inside of her broke. It was as if something inside of her telling her that life is not all about qualifications. It was not all about what kind of job she had, or all about money. In her mind, it was all about studying to become someone in life.

She suddenly realised that what if it was her memorial, what legacy would she have left behind. She was like, “God, I am so busy with all other different things in my life, I forgot about the church. I forgot about The One who created me.”

Then she remembered that her friend’s sister always invited her to her church called Victory Outreach in Goodwood. She always said she would attend, but she never did. The very next day after the funeral she phoned her friend, and she attended Victory Outreach church the next day on Sunday.

She rededicated her life to God, and this was where her life changed radically, at Victory Outreach church of Cape Town. She was seeing young people on fire and sold out for God. Her life was never the same again. She told herself that she doesn’t want to be caught up in different things anymore.

She is so grateful and thankful for everything that God has done in her life. She thanks God for redirecting her path, for every road he has taken her so far. She is part of the stage management team within Victory Outreach. She also pursued her studies, and she is working full time.

Through the grace of God, she has found her purpose and her identity. Now even, with her work and studies, she has found a whole new perspective of seeing life differently. Her encouragement to any young people out there, is to keep God in the centre of your life. Commit your ways into the Lord. For the parents out there, keep praying for your children and don’t give up hope.

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