Testimony of Sipheleke

Testimony of Sipheleke

What a powerful testimony about a messed up young man who felt that he had no purpose and no hope.

He grew up in a stable, Christian home where he used to go to church with his mom. His mom was a single parent and he always found himself alone at home. Because of his friends, and peer pressure, he started experimenting with weed. After weed, it was buttons and soon he found himself addicted to drugs.

He found himself in and out of prison. He stayed in Eastern Cape and decided to come to Cape Town as he wanted a change in his life.

He heard about the free Victory Outreach Recovery Home in the life groups. He soon got into the Recovery Home and he could feel how God works in his life. He graduated the Home, worked as a helper as staff in the Home.

Currently he is a student in the Urban Training Centre, where young people get trained and equipped to do God’s work.

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