40 Days Prayer and Fasting devotion – Passion for the Cause

Passion for the Cause

God has given us a beautiful cause. Reaching out to the treasures out of darkness all around the world. That’s our assignment! For this cause, we need to continue the passion that has been model by our previous generation. It has been the passion of Pastor Sonny, Sister Julie and the pioneers that has brought us to where we are today. The largest inner city ministry in the world.

A perfect example of someone that has protected their passion was the Apostle Paul.
In Acts 26 after being with the journey with the Lord for a while, many different trials and set backs;stand before King Agrippa and testify with passion about the grace of God in his life.
One of the key element to protecting our passion is the gratitude. When you hear the Apostle Paul testifying, he shares about his Damascus road experience.
Remembering the condition when he was in when Jesus stepped into his life. Let our gratitude fan the flame of passion for the cause.

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