40 Days Prayer and Fasting devotional 

Joshua 1 verse 9

Be strong and courageous....

There are certain things in the word of God that always come together. It is impossible to speak about fasting without giving prayer an equal importance.

Prayer and Fasting goes hand in hand. 

When we as women separates ourselves in prayer and fasting great things happen in our personal lives. God moves in our circumstances and in our favor when we separate in prayer and fasting. 

God is calling us as the United Women in Ministry and G.A.N.G. girls to consecrate ourselves in prayer and fasting as His second coming is near......

More women are losing their lives to the things of the world and it is our time to step out, be courageous and have a passion for the cause. If not us then who, if not now then when. 

During this 40 days of Prayer and Fasting we will face great challenges, that in the natural might seem impossible. Some challenges will try to stop us from advancing spiritually.

My prayer is that we as United Women in Ministry and G.A.N.G  girls should never take an attitude of defeat and failure, but to be strong and courageous.

Victory Outreach wasn't established overnight. For the ministry to be where it is today took much prayer and fasting. 

Prayer and fasting have been two values that were priorities in the lives of our founders, elders and ministry.

Lets take our prayer and fasting to another level for the next 40 days

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