40 Days Prayer and Fasting devotion



It is so awesome that we have a heavenly father that we can go to for rest when we are feeling
weary and heavy burdened. We can leave our problems and heart desires at the foot of the cross.
For God will give you rest, you just have to have faith and trust that God will come through for you in
his timing not your own timing. For Gods timing is always perfect timing. Be at peace with God for
he is a gentle and humble father and wants the best for his children for he loves us so much. He just
wants us to have faith that he will come through for us. Trust in him that no matter what happens
he will hear your heart desire and will answer you. He is moulding you to have faith and trust in him
for you to have peace and rest in your soul. Each time we surrender to God so our yoke is easy and
our burden is lighter. We learn to have faith and to trust in God all the time.
I pray that we learn to step out and have faith and trust in God to surrender our all to him. For him
to have total control over our lives. To become what he wants you to become and to fulfil your purpose he has for your life.